European Union has established some rules in terms of vehicle emissions at the coverage of reducing the environment pollution caused by the heavy duty machines. All of the vehicle manufacturers already fulfil those requirements. The regulation known as Euro 4, permits the NOx emissions up to 3,5 gr/kWh since October 2006. The other regulation which is known as Euro 5 and required to be fulfilled by the vehicle manufacturers until end of October 2006 the lastest, regulated the NOx emissions as 2,0 grKh. You will see the emission standards both for Euro 4 and Euro 5 at the below mentioned table. EURO Emission standard (g/kWh)
  Euro 4 Euro 5
NOx 3,50 2,00
Carbon Monokside 1,50 1,50
Hydro Carbons 0,46 0,46
Carbon Particules 0,02 0,02

After evaluating the various solutions to fulfill those requirements, Automotive industry has reached to the SCR, Selective Catalytic Reduction.


For Euro 4 : No. Not all of the manufacturers have demanded SCR technology. MAN and Scania have selected EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Technique I. All of the other manufacturers have selected SCR technology at the process of Euro 4. For Euro 5: Yes – including MAN and Scania – all of the manufacturers will have to place the SCR system on their vehicles. That is they are required to use AUS 32 product.