Advantages of BLUETIGER

Cost of BlueTiger

The appropriate quality of the chemical raw-matters used in the manufacturing process, and also type and size of the package, and the correct process to be applied are the most important factors which effect the cost.

Consumption Quantity of BLUETIGER

If we consider the quantity of the BLUETIGER required at the Euro4 and Euro 5 SCR system, BLUETIGER consumption quantity shall vary in accordance with our needs to be met. In this way, following the present conditions of the regulation; BLUETIGER consumption should be 3-4% for the fuel which is known as Euro 4, and 5-7 % for the Euro 5 term.

Quality of BlueTiger

It is important to refer to the required high quality of Bluetiger. Using an additive, which doesn’t meet the needs of DIN 70070, causes various problems beginning from the high exhaust emission to the whole destruction of the catalyzer. At the same time, not discarding the exhaust smokes duly from the catalyzer, some motor problems emerge because of the pressure of those smokes. It causes from the manufacture of the low quality products which minimizes the cells of the catalyzer and makes the catalytic elements disfunctional.

Characteristic Features of BlueTiger

  • • Bluetiger is a non-toxic product, and and it creates no risks for the people, animals or environment if it is properly used. With the pH 9.5 value, the product is partly alkaline. For that reason, it mustn’t be directly contacted with aluminium, brass, and soft steel. Stainless steel, plastic tanks and fittings are recommended. While working with BLUETIGER, one should avoid contacting it with the skin and eyes and it is also slippery if poured to the floor. BLUETIGER should be collected in the appropriate containers, using the mechanical methods, to be disposed. Dispose the product as observing the local and national regulations. After the collection process, remove the rest of the product as using the pressurized water.
  • Bluetiger is not flammable.
  • Bluetiger begins to freeze at minus 11,5 °C.
  • Bluetiger may be used after being frozen. Bluetiger may be used without any problem after be melted.
  • Washing it with the water is the best method to remove the crystallization and poured product. While rinsing with the water, make sure that the solution is strictly sealed in order to avoid from any kind of pollution.

If the Bluetiger is spilled on auto paint, clean the surface using water and make it be removed from the paint. If the Bluetiger is dried and crystallized on the paint, surface corrosion may happen.
If the tank of Bluetiger is emptied, it will cause an overrun of the permitted emission levels, and then catalyzer will be damaed in a short time. Results are kept on OBD system (On Board Diagnostic), and they are periodically controlled.