BLUETIGER is a non-toxic solution used to decrease chemically the NOx-emission generated by the diesel heavy service vehicles. BLUETIGER is an eco-friendly product. It is classified at the minimum risk category of the portable liquids. Since it is a corrosive matter, some certain materials are required for its usage and storage. There are different models of the leading manufacturers of the Europe which manufacture Truck, Bus, Tractor and SCR system vehicles requiring the usage of BLUETIGER. >> Read More

Scr System

Combining the exhaust emission purifying system as igniting the motor in an optimise way, this method aims to decrease the level of the pollutive emissions such as nitrogen oxide (NOx). The basic factor of the procedure is the usage of BlueTiger. This dilution is injected into the exhaust gases prior reaching to the catalyzer. The high-heat emerging at this point converts BLUETIGER into nitrogen. Then, the nitrogen and the contradictory nitrogen oxides are reacted with each other. while they pass through the catalyzer, and they are converted into the two elements “nitrogen and damp” which are not hazardous for atmosphere. >> Read More

Important: The cost of the BLUETIGER depends on many factors. The quantity is one of those (As 20 liters in plastic container, 30 liters in plastic barrel and 1000 liters in IBC tank or the wholesale for the gas stations). Furthermore, as the energy is required in extreme amounts to produce the raw-material, price of the BLUETIGER depends on the energy cost globally. As for the manufacturers, it is possible to save fuel up to 6% at the vehicles using the SCR system than the vehicles which don’t use BLUETIGER. Accordingly, the vehicles using the BLUETIGER system requires the same cost like the vehicles not using the SCR system.