BLUETIGER is a non-toxic solution used to decrease chemically the NOx-emission generated by the diesel heavy service vehicles. BLUETIGER is an eco-friendly product. It is classified at the minimum risk category of the portable liquids. Since it is a corrosive matter, some certain materials are required for its usage and storage. There are different models of the leading manufacturers of the Europe which manufacture Truck, Bus, Tractor and SCR system vehicles requiring the usage of BLUETİGER. The more specific Bluetiger product is kept in another tank. It is not mixed with diesel or other types of fuels. Its usage is made through the SCR Selective Catalytic Reduction called system. In order to secure the correct SCR system of your vehicle, BLUETIGER should comply with DIN V 70070 standard and ISO 9000-2000 and the technical specifications of TSE22241-1. BLUETIGER is compatible with ISO and CEFIC regulations, and has the ISO and TSE certificates. In order to provide the best functionality of SCR system, it is very important that the product used should be compatible with the standards.

BLUETIGER, is a technological product that used by the vehicles equipped with the SCR in order to comply with Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards. Simply, BLUETIGER is a 32.5 % urea solution developed to decrease the emulsion of exhaust gases. In this mixture, urea is injected from the depot of the vehicle itself to the selective catalytic system on the vehicle to convert the hazardous nitrogen oxides into non-hazardous nitrogen and water.