SRC System

Combining the exhaust emission purifying system as igniting the motor in an optimise way, this method aims to decrease the level of the pollutive emissions such as nitrogen oxide (NOx). The basic factor of the procedure is the usage of BlueTiger. This dilution is injected into the exhaust gases prior reaching to the catalyzer. The high-heat emerging at this point converts BLUETIGER into nitrogen. Then, the nitrogen and the contradictory nitrogen oxides are reacted with each other. while they pass through the catalyzer, and they are converted into the two elements “nitrogen and damp” which are not hazardous for atmosphere.

• SCR technology is a reliable and safe investment in term of being compatible with Euro 5 and the advanced application.
• SCR is valid throughout all Europa, and also it is more compatible with the low quality diesel fuel if compared with the similar technologies.
• SCR system rarely requires maintenance, and it can may be used during the lifetime of the vehicle.
• SCR technology has no any negative effects about the maintenance and engine oil changing intervals.
• SCR is available for the high power motor. Unlike the alternative systems, there is no need for the reinforcement of the motor’s lubrication and cooling sysemts.
• SCR is the less fuel consuming system amoung the other systems compatible for the Euro 4 and Euro 5.